From time to time, we like to open up a forum thread to give you, the players, the chance to come up with specific ideas to add to the game. We then put our favourite ideas into a poll and let the community vote for their favourite. This time, it was to name and fill the vacant pub in Ardougne, and to name a new Slayer creature.

This isn’t because we run out of ideas – far from it! - it’s so you get a chance to genuinely contribute to the content in the game. Of course, we read as many suggestions as we can every day, but running forum threads, discussing your suggestions and knowing that there would be a definite result at the end of the work is a great way to add content to the game.

So, this month, we’re delighted to add the The Poison Arrow to Ardougne and the aquanite Slayer creature. The pub is just south of Ardougne’s east bank and is filled with a host of suggestions that all came from you! The aquanite is a level 78 Slayer creature that deals magic damage, so do take care if you’re going to visit. You’ll find them at the end of the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, past the kurasks – you can’t miss them.

Mod Mark

Lead Designer

In other news...Edit

You will now be properly classed as being 'in combat' when you are attacking someone else, even if you've not been attacked back. Also, if you teleport while in combat, you will now lose 20% of your Earning Potential (EP).

Korvak in the Runecrafting Guild has had his chat improved to make it easier to ask for help with any Pouch essence pouches you may have on you.

We've updated the spell icons in the Ancient and Lunar spellbooks in line with those of the standard spellbook.

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